Digital China

Everyone is talking about China. Everyone wants to enter the world’s largest e-commerce market and sell to Chinese consumers. If you want to be successful in China, you have to be flexible and often very fast. The country offers great potential but is at the same time very complex.

One thing everyone who wants to expand their business to China should be clear about: What works in Germany or any other western country can turn into a completely flop in China.

For more than four years I have been working as a Consultant, accompanying European companies – mainly from retail and e-commerce – on their way to China. I give first impulses or provide information about the market and the different market entry possibilities within the scope of an individual project. Through my work I have gained extensive insights into the Chinese market and co-authored German non-fiction book “Digitales China – Basiswissen für Ihren Geschäftserfolg in China”


China is a complex, fast and digital market with many challenges. I support you in your market entry strategy for China.


You would like to organize an in-house workshop to familiarize your employees with China, its digital society and its fast-moving market. I support you with my expertise.


Are you looking for a speaker for your event around digital China? I regularly speak at various events on China Retail, digital trends and cultural differences.


I support you with China-relevant content. Depending on what your main topic is, I provide you with the appropriate information.

“Digitales China – Basiswissen für Ihren Geschäftserfolg in China”

You can purchase the book here.

If you want to sell to customers in China, you have to understand the probably most digital society in the world. With this book you can dive into today’s China and find out what drives the Chinese state, its companies and above all its new super-consumers. We accompany you to a country of creative ideas, where the supermarket comes to the customer and the smartphone does everything. Learn why China is the largest mobile payment market in the world and how you can (and must) use this buying behaviour for yourself and your business. Read what makes the big software companies like Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (WeChat) stand out and how their tools can boost your business success. You will roam through Xiong’an, the new city with the digital brain, and get ideas on how you as a German retailer or brand manufacturer can successfully sell to customers in China or to Chinese tourists in Europe.