Communication Consultant

Today there are a variety of communication channels – offline and online – and therefore it can be a challenge to identify the right channel for you, your project or your company. Once the right channel is found, there are other important questions to answer, such as “How do I get the attention of my target group? This requires the right approach and the right timing. And of course the right story.

As a communications consultant, I support companies and organisations, start-ups and individuals in the conception and implementation of a holistic communications strategy. I use targeted communication measures to attract attention, build relationships with your target group and get people talking about your topics. 

The focus of my work is on PR, social media and personal branding.However, I do not offer you a full service, but focus on these areas, because this is where my expertise lies. Where others are better, I like to pass the ball to experts from my network. However, I will take the main responsibility for you and your project and accompany you from the idea to the implementation.



Communication – whether digital or on analogue – needs a clear strategy to be successful. In the first step, we work together to define the goals you want to achieve with your communication. In the next step, we formulate your core messages in line with these goals, which I use as a basis for developing a suitable communication strategy for you.


Text in any form remain an indispensable medium in professional communication. Especially if your product or service requires special explanation, photos or 140 characters are simply not enough. Expertise is still best presented and explained in text form. I will prepare your content journalistically for you in line with your target group and write articles for you, both for print and online media.



Today we communicate for the most part online. And not only that, more and more often even mobile. In addition to classic print and online media, social networks therefore also offer a wide range of opportunities to exchange information with your target group or multipliers, for example influencers. Therefore, I not only plan and organize your communication with journalists and multipliers, but also gladly support you in planning your website and take over text work for your website or blog.